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Hello Everyone,


Today, we bring to you, our roadmap for the rest of 2021, and the 2022 Q1 season. We've sat down, for our first proper meeting since Hysteria Started, and we've come up with what we want to create.


Here's a breakdown:


December 20th -


We wanted to completely revamp the staff team. We've noticed an extreme lack of activity within the staff team. We will be removing staff where we feel fit, and replacing them. This first part of our roadmap will also see the reopening of the Staff Applications, to allow us to grow our team.

The Administration team is just as guilty for the lack of activity, and that's why we've split ourselves into separate groups for the server.


PlayKoala: Social Media/Marketing Manager

M1dgetJake: Creative Lead

Selfoccate: Project Lead


The job of the Social Media Manager will be to use the Social Media's to grab the attention of new players, by the means of Twitter, TikTok, etc. 

The Creative Lead will be in charge of creating different parts of the server, custom modelling and editing the texture pack.

Of course, the Project Lead, oversees everything.


All of these ranks will be implemented on the 20th.



2nd January 2022 -


On this date, we have plans of shutting down Hysteria Prisons for approx. one month. This will mean that the SMP will be the new default server, as well as fallback server. At this point, the server will be turned from a network, to a server again.


We've decided to take this month to do this for a few reasons, see below;


  • Funding; By doing this, we can cancel our subscription for the Dev server for one month, thus saving money, as we have an extremely low budget every month
  • QA; This will allow us to fully test the server and make sure everything running smoothly before we re-release.


8th February 2022 - 


This is the most exciting date for us, as there are quite a few new plans coming into action! Our first new release is to introduce Live Events, which will last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks and will consist of a certain amount of quests/achievements, which have to be completed, each giving a prize, and once you've done all of them, you get a much bigger prize! This will be operated and setup by our new Media Manager, @PlayKoala.

This date, we will also be releasing Prisons Season 3! The server will be back in operation, and all players will be able to rejoin, we've got so many plans already, new ranks, new spawn, new costumes, and more!

Finally, this will also be the start date for our first Live event, called the "Launch Party", which will last for 4 days, here's a quote from PlayKoala, with what to expect for this live event


"Get ready to party up with our BRAND NEW season! Unlock fantastic rewards as you work through our FIRST live events... The Season 3 PARTY! - More will be revealed in January, keep your eyes peeled!"



12th February 2022 -


The end is nigh! The first Live Event will draw to a conclusion.


15th February 2022 -


HysteriaSMP will reset. We wanted to include 1.18 as the base version for the server from the beginning of the season, however, due to time constraints, we weren't able to accommodate, and have had to advertise as a "1.18 supporting/friendly" server.

HysteriaSMP 2.0 will have very similar plugins, and will be fully on 1.18! Allowing you to explore the beautiful new cave generation of Minecraft 1.18. 

I want to make it very clear, however, that HysteriaSMP, won't reset often, this is a one-off, to allow us to upgrade to 1.18, there's no reason to expect a reset for at least 6 months afterwards.




Behold the Funiture Update. With this, you will be able to purchase brand new pieces of Furniture from the In-game store, and the IRL Store. Some, especially nice/rare pieces will be able to be purchased for up to $5 on our real store, and others will be purchasable through the in-game store with tokens/money.

These furniture pieces will be fully custom modelled and textured by @Jake!


We will begin our revamp of Social Media and the retraining of definitely returning staff within the coming days. For staff, your handbook will also be slowly updated, to be more inclusive and up-to-date.


We really hope you guys are looking forward to the future of Hysteria as much as we are! If you have any questions, please reply/make a ticket, and I'll add it to an FAQ section here.

about 1 month ago

Hello Everyone!


Today, I'm here to let you know that Hysteria is finally officially expanding from a Server to a Network! We will be releasing a brand new server that you'll be able to play on!


Introducing, HysteriaSMP - A fully vanilla* 1.18** Survival Server! There's some more information on how it works, what you get, etc below, make sure to read this information, as it gives some vital updates.


HysteriaSMP is officially set to release on Monday, 6th December 2021 at 7PM GMT / 2PM EST. This is predominantly for my Twitch channel, as a replacement for my old SMP server I had a few months ago that was paid for. This will be completely free to join and will stay Non-P2W, but remember, to help us, donations are hugely appreciated!


Quick Information:

  • Server Version: 1.17 Native - Supports 1.17.x - 1.18
  • Support for both Java and Bedrock, just like Prisons!
  • Max Players: 100


We stated above that the server is 100% vanilla, it's 100% vanilla for players, staff do have some plugins to catch out cheaters, we also have a fully functional Anti-Xray. If you would like to see what mods you're allowed, you can view our allowed modifications list by clicking this message.


If you have any other questions, please let us know! We look forward to welcoming you to our SMP soon!


* No plugins that affect players gameplay unless cheating

** Server is not native to 1.18 but supports playing in 1.18.

about 1 month ago


Welcome to the Allowed/Disallowed Modifications list. Please note that we cannot list everything here, so please use common sense when trying to determine what is and what isn't allowed. If you're unsure whether something is or isn't allowed, please contact staff.

As a general rule, anything that gives an unfair advantage isn't allowed.


Confirmed Allowed Modifications


  • Lunar Client
  • Badlion Client
  • Replay Mod
  • Optifine
  • BetterFPS
  • Memory Fix
  • Laby Mod
  • Animations
  • Block Overlay
  • Custom Crosshair
  • Keystrokes
  • Motion Blur
  • Time Changer
  • Armour Status
  • Reach Display
  • Particles
  • CPS Mod
  • Waypoints
  • Toggle Sneak/Sprint
  • FPS and Ping Display
  • Coordinates
  • DirectionHUD
  • 5zig

Cofirmed Disallowed Mods

  • Autoclickers
  • Hacked Clients (Wurst, Vape, etc)
  • Macros
  • XRay
  • Schematica
  • Ghost Clients
2 months ago



Welcome to the new HysteriaMC Rules Page! These rules have been carefully looked through by the Senior Admin Team. All of these rules are moderated by our staff team and at their own discretion.

If you feel you were unfairly muted by one of our Staff Members, you can appeal here or give staff feedback here. Of course, we can't display every rule under the sun here, so we ask you to also use common sense. We can't punish you for not using it, but we can for breaking rules which should be obvious.

If you have an issue with our rules, please create a ticket on our Discord or Forums, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Global Ban Rules

These rules will get you an instant ban if you break. We do not discuss the lengths of the punishments.


- Hacking: We do not tolerate any kind of hacking or unfair advantage on Hysteria. If you want to use mods, you're more than welcome, but we ask that you check on our Allowed Modifications List by clicking this message, or if your mod is not on there, speak to a member of staff.

- Faking Hacks: If you decide to fake hacking, it will be treated exactly the same way as if you were to hack normally. Staff can't tell the difference, and wasting their time causes issues.

- Evading a Punishment: If you are punished anywhere on Hysteria, please be aware that if you decide to evade the punishment by any means, i.e, getting players to speak for you, using an alternate account, speaking on signs, etc will get that account punished, harsher than the original punishment.

Autoclicking/Macros/F3+T/etc: Using anything to evade our Anti-AFK system, or to continue an action whilst you're not at your computer is against the rules. As we've had to make it extremely clear before: F3+T IS CHEATING.

Real World Trading: As we are a NON-P2W server, trading in-game items for real-world money, IS against our rules and will result in severe punishments for all parties involved.

- Offensive/Inappropriate Names/Skins: Creating inappropriate or offensive names or skins and using them whilst in-game, will result in a ban. This includes nicknames for ranked players. You will most likely be given the opportunity to change your skin or name before you're banned.

Scamming: Scamming is when one party begins to trade with another party, and one of those parties doesn't follow through with their side of the trade. Punishments for these scams vary depending on how much is lost, but the victim will have their item(s) returned to them. Often, giving the victim what was in the trade will result in a shorter ban. Please note that trading through /trade is much safer, and is a contract between both parties.

Abusing server features: If you decide to abuse features such as the Auction house to create an inappropriate item, or something similar, this will result in a punishment.

Abusing Bugs/Glitches/Exploits: Abusing bugs, glitches or exploits will result in an immediate ban, before we have proved anything, as a way for us to see how you managed to abuse it, the ban after that will then vary depending on the severity and effect it had on the rest of the server.

Games/Giveaways: If a player says something like "First to pay me $10k gets $20k", this is often a scam, however, as you have said this, you are expected to follow through with the trade, failure to do so will result in a punishment and the money being removed from your account.

Advertising: Advertising other Minecraft Servers or Discord Servers will result in an immediate ban, no matter what. Don't do it, simple.

DDoS (Threats): DDoSing is when a person sends an extreme amount of packets to another person internet, causing them to lag. If you are caught threatening to do this or doing it, it will result in an immediate ban, the length varies depending on whether you were threatening or actually did it.

DOX (Threats): Doxing is when a player leaks private information from another player. The keyword there however is PRIVATE. If they find someones Instagram and put pictures of them on the Discord, this is fine. However, if they gain access to someones PRIVATE Instagram account, and start posting pictures, it then becomes Doxing. Please note: Doing this, can result in a Harassment/Bullying mute/ban.

Server Mute Punishments

These punishments generally only result in a mute, however, continuing to break said rules, can and will result in a ban.


Swearing: For the most part, we do allow swearing on Hysteria, especially the Discord, as, to comply with Discord ToS, you MUST be over the age of 13 to join the server. Please note that excessive swearing can and will lead to punishments.

CAPing: Using too many capital letters in one sentence can result in a punishment. If your message is 6 words or more, and 50% or more is capital letters, you're using too many, and liable for punishment.

- Chat Fonts: Some clients allow for custom chat fonts, while these may look pretty, they are against the rules as they disrupt the flow of chat. Most of these fonts are only on Hacked Clients, so remember, hacking is also not allowed.

Impersonation: Pretending to be someone you're not, be that staff, content creators or normal players, will result in a punishment.

- Spamming: Spamming, Character Dragging, Keyboard mashing, or anything of that nature is against the rules. That's why default ranks may only type once every 3 seconds. You can remove this limit by purchasing a rank.

- Disrespect: Disrespecting anyone is poor behaviour and will result in punishment.

- Harassment/Bullying: If you're caught to be bullying a player for any reason, you will be punished. If you're bullying them in DMs, but you're both part of the Hysteria Network/Discord, you will also be punished

Interfering with Staff Duties: If a staff member is trying to perform their job, and you disrupt or interfere in any way, you will be punished, please be aware that this may result in a ban, depending on how you're disrupting them.

- Arguing: If you're caught starting or joining in on an argument, you will be punished, there's no need for it.

- Hate Speech: We do not tolerate any kind of disrespect to minorities because of their race, gender, disability or religion is not tolerated, and will result in severe punishments.

- Language: Hysteria is an English server, so ideally we would appreciate it if you spoke English in chat, this isn't required, but if you're found to be breaking any of these rules in another language, the punishment will be exactly the same.

2 months ago

Hi Everyone, today I bring you the first Hysteria only month review! If you want to see stats for Selfyy Community Discord, you can join that by clicking on this message. (I'm doing something special for 100 Members on there!)


Here are the stats for the month!


| Staff Movements

  • None, apply on the forums!

| Staff of the Month

No votes for this month's SOTM vote!

| Stats

  • Unique Players: 44
  • Average Playtime: 3h 13m 37s
  • Logins: 325
  • New player retention: 100%
  • Peak Players: 8
  • Most Common Country: United Kingdom

Stats for September begin from September 10th. More stats will be added next month!


| Top Donator





4 months ago