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IGN: Selfoccate
by Selfoccate » 2 months ago

Good Morning, as many of you have requested a full changelog of Season 2, you can find it below! This guide won't go into detail, you can check the Wiki for the detail (Will be updated today). Here it is!



  • New Prestiging System
  • Full Crate Revamp of Daily, Vote, Boss, Prestige, Token
  • Added Pickaxe levels
  • Added a new scoreboard for Spawn, Mines, PvP Mine
  • Added /quests
  • Add /multishop
  • Added Auction House (/ah)
  • Added /milestones
  • Added Gangs & Gang Wars
  • Added the Freeworld to all Prestige 1 Players
  • Added Block Rewards (Rewards for X amount of blocks broken!)
  • Revamped the Boss


  • Made server colour scheme uniform throughout (Pink/Purple)
  • Autosell now requires pickaxe level 4
  • Per-Rank AH max and Quests max
  • Removed Efficiency from the Disenchant menu [Can no longer be disenchanted]
  • Removed Unbreaking entirely
  • Removed Fortune from the Disenchant menu [Can no longer be disenchanted]
  • Added Voucher Finder [Now requires Pickaxe level 3]
  • Moved Boss Crate to the Boss Arena
  • Updated the Crate Area to look a bit nicer


These may not look like a lot of new features/updates, but these add a significant amount of Gameplay and took a long time to create. We started Season 2 in early August.

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